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Health Tips

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You would like to get suggestions for a healthy everyday life on a regular basis without reading plenty of text? Then our health tips are the right thing for you. Summarized on one page you can find information about recent health trends and medical care as well as tips for relaxation, exercise and nutrition. The tips are easy to be realized and to be integrated into your daily routine. Every two months you will be able to find new health tips.

Looking after our intestinal flora
The bowel contains our so called microbiome, which is a community of countless microorganisms. With the right diet we can help the "good" bacteria among them there to thrive.
Looking after our intestinal flora (PDF, 285kB)

Get fit without stepping foot in the gym
According to the WHO, just 20 minutes of exercise a day can already help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Our handy tips will help you achieve this completely in your place of choice!
Get fit without stepping foot in the gym (PDF, 337kB)

Help for the immune system
They're back with the chilly weather: colds and unwelcome viruses. How to get through this season unscathed.
Help for the immune system (PDF, 185kB)

More mindfulness increases well being
Everyone benefits now and then from blocking out the world around us it is good for our well being and can help us get through our day to day lives with a greater sense of calm.
More mindfulness increases well being (PDF, 154kB)

Get your skin glowing
As the largest organ in the body, it isn't just protection from the outside that the skin needs, above all in summer. Inside, it's also nourished by our diet.
Get your skin glowing (PDF, 216kB)

Focus on cholesterol
When it's a question of cardiovascular disease, there's always onesubstance that is part of the overall picture: cholesterol.
Focus on cholesterol (PDF, 151kB)

Intermittent fasting
Intermittent fasting is a new trend in nutritional medicine. We explain what it is all about and why it can promote well-being.
Intermittent fasting (PDF, 202kB)

Increasing your exercise levels step by step
It is often very easy to permanently increase your activity levels each day, without it taking up too much of your time. Give it a go.
Increasing your exercise levels step by step (PDF, 170kB)

Ginger – full of power
The beneficial effect of ginger on both body and mind has been known for some 5000 years.
Ginger – full of power (PDF, 259kB)

Laughter is healthy
Laughing regularly and heartily has the side effect of promoting health.Read everything you need to know about why laughing is good for you.
Laughter is healthy (PDF, 150kB)

Sugar – less is more
The body needs sugar to keep its metabolic processes running. Here are some interesting facts about this sweet supplier of energy.
Sugar – less is more (PDF, 142kB)

Drink water for better health
It's important to drink enough to stay fit and healthy. Particularly when it's hot and the body is sweating more.
Drink water for better health (PDF, 228 kB)

Changing the clocks and its consequences
The clocks go forward at the end of March every year as we move from standard time to summer time. Find out how to maintain your biological rhythm.
Changing the clocks and its consequences (PDF, 448 kB)

Hygge – what's that?
These tips will help you put some hygge in your home and experience greater happiness in your everyday life.
Hygge – what's that? (PDF, 313 kB)

Spices with a health benefit
Spices that make us feel good, particularly in winter, also have a positive effect on our health!
The aroma of Christmas (PDF, 201,9 kB)

Reducing the strain of care
Do you feel the strain of being a carer? We know how difficult this is.
We are here to support you (PDF, 219,7 kB)

Mobile working – stay healthy through these difficult times!
Don't forget about your health when it comes to mobile working. Even small series of movements help you to have a healthy work routine.
Pay attention to the following (PDF, 9,9 MB)

A flexitarian diet – heard of it?
Do something good for yourself and our environment – without completely cutting out meat and fish from your diet!
What's behind the idea? (PDF, 253,3 kB)

Staying healthy in the work of the future
Being able to deal well with changes – as the current situation is making clear – will be ever more important in the future. Make the most of the opportunities that modern work offers and prevent health problems before they develop.
Tips for healthy working (PDF, 163,4 kB)

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